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RaZoR | Self Produced (2009)

RaZoR would like to thank all of our faithful and openminded listeners
out there for the positive comments that we keep receiving. We are
happy to report that RaZoR is again pounding away in the studio churning
out ideas and new tunes to be included in our 2nd disc as yet
untitled. The first, "Thunder in a bottle" has been well received by
fans and industry insiders alike and rocks with a vengeance whereas
the new tunes, also rock, but with some introspection and depth.

Now it has been reported that our illustrious drummer "Ziggi" after
writing the lyrics to a new RaZoR composition entitled, "Cool Cold
Cash", left town, sold all his cars and estate, and set up shop in
Greece, reportedly sick of the wishy washy Canadian Music scene.
Nothing could be further from the truth as he is reportedly looking
for new digs in the Mission Hills area and planning to expand the
studio. It should be further noted that "Cool Cold Cash" is not about
squandering excess as much as it is about the shallowness of money and
wealth and about what you do with it.

Musically,"Cash" is a smooth jazzy riff laden exploration into another style,
showcasing yet further versatility. Then we have the synth oriented
pop rock of "Her Magic" laden with hooky phrases. In keeping with
RaZoR's dark side, there comes "Black Roses", a Floydish melodic lament
over a break up that actually fixed a relationship rather than trashed
it. Ahhh the power of music!!! Bryan Adams writing partner, Jim
Vallance, upon hearing it, called it perfect! Thanks Jim.

Then there is all the gutsy, loud rock you'd expect such as "Only the Strong
Survive" and "Shoot From the Lips". On the softer side is "Middle of
the Night" described by an industry insider as a Ferrari needing a
blast around the track. Then we have "Kaos", "1000 Watt Smile" and
"Scene of the Crime" bringing up the flank.
Anti-Drug tunes "Dance with the Devil"
& "Route 666" sends the message of the War on Drugs......RaZoR OUT ! !

Jo (Ziggi) Ziccardo: Drums-Composer-Programing-Executive Producer = A Bad Ass Mo-Fo
Ray Roper: Vocals-Guitars-Keys-Bass-Programing-Engineer-Producer = Also Bad Ass MoFo
Mick Dalla-Vee> Bass ( Piano -12 string -Vocals ) - Arrangements - Cosmic Luv - & Galaxy Starr !!! Bad Ass Mo-Fo

Steve Hilliam > Sax
Mike Norman > Keys-Piano-Strings-Synth-Sax R.I.P
Nadine States - Kelly Brock & Sarah Johns >> Bg Vocals
John Webster > Piano

All Bad Assed MoFo's & MoFetts

Mastering: Craig Waddell
Gothan City Studios
Photos:: Dee Lippingwell

Lightning Strikes 2wice
Serial Killer

Broken Road :: Ziccardo - Roper

Kaos :: Ziccardo - Roper

RaZoR Store

Serial Killer

Serial Killer

1: Telephone (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
2: Ain't Got You  (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
3: 15 Minutes of Fame (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
4: She Controls Me (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper 
5: Show me Who  (Ziccardo/Roper)
6: Christina   (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)     
7: My final Sin   (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)  
8: Broken Road  (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
9: Lost in Time  (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)

Lightning Strikes 2wice

Lightning Strikes 2wice


1:     Kaos (Ziccardo/Roper/Dalla-Vee)
2:     Her Magic (Ziccardo/Roper)
3:     Middle of the Night (Roper/Ziccardo)
4:     Scene of the Crime (Ziccardo/Roper)
5:     Dance with the Devil (Ziccardo/Roper)
6:     Route 666 (Ziccardo/Roper)
7:     Wailkin in the Moonlight (Ziccardo/Roper)
8:     1000 Watt Smile (Zicccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
9:     Pretender (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
10:   Only the Strong Survive (Ziccardo/Roper)
11:   Cold Ca$h (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
12:   Black Roses (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)
13:   Today I Miss (Ziccardo/Roper)
14:   Shoot from the Lips (Ziccardo/Dalla-Vee/Roper)

Produced by Ziccardo/Roper

RaZoR - Thunder In a Bottle CD

RaZoR - Thunder In a Bottle CD


The Debut CD from RaZoR, Thunder In a Bottle.
Released January 2009.

Track Listing:

  • 1.  Ain't Seen Nothin - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 2.  Lay It Down - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 3.  Party Tonight - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 4.  Love's Truly Found - (Ziccardo/Roper)
  • 5.  Baby Don't Ya Cry - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 6.  Good Girls Bad Girls - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 7.  F.M.E.P. - (Ziccardo/Roper)
  • 8.  Your Time Has Come - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 9.  Back In My Arms - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 10. It's Raining Again - (R. Davies/R.Hodgson)
  • 11. Lost In Time - (Ziccardo/M.Dalla Vee/Roper)
  • 12. Back On The Streets - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 13. Bad Situation - (Roper/Ziccardo)
  • 14. See Ya - (Ziccardo/Roper)

    Produced by Ziccardo/Roper




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